Thursday, February 27, 2014

My Everyday Make-up

So here I am, tired as usual, without an ounce of makeup on. (EEEE!)

These are the products I use the most often on normal days.

And these are my most used brushes.

The first thing I do is apply foundation. Some days I will use a heavier foundation and concealer for a more flawless look, but most days I just stick with this. I also use matte powder (that I forgot to take a picture of).

Next I do eyes. I put shade (1) all over my lids. Its a very neutral/muted pink. Next I use shade (2) and blend it into my crease and outer V using a fluffy blending brush. Lastly, I take shade (3) and apply it to my brow bone and inner corner to highlight my eyes.
Now I do the eyeliner. A lot of days I 
will use liquid but recently I've liked using a pencil. I apply it to my upper lash line.
Finally, mascara. And then I'm done!

Soooo, I actually forgot to take a picture when my makeup was complete, but this picture was taken a few days ago and I'm wearing the same makeup look. I don't do much on school days, and I might not be doing the "right" things for my face, but that's it! My everyday makeup look! Xoxo, Kyla.

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