Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Favorite outerwear styles!

I am in love with outerwear. In love. Jackets, Parkas, Vests, everything. So I came up with a few of my favorites from this winter. ♥

The army-green parka:

These are so cute and versatile. You can wear these jackets with so many outfits and look super chic without a lot of effort. And they look soft enough to nap in. Basically, I can't find a flaw!

The Peacoat:

      Urban Outfitters                        Victoria's Secret

Peacoats are great because you can wear them with jeans and a scarf or with a dress and look sophisticated either way. They are so classy and cute, I wear mine almost every day. And they look great in SO many colors. I like simple black ones, but you could get maroon, green, or white and it would look amazing! 

The Fur (Faux) Coat:

Thread&Supply Nordstrom           Topshop

I know that not everyone loves these, but I want one so so so badly. I've seen them all over the place in 2013, on celebrities and on the runway. They look so chic and not to mention cozy. I think it would be more difficult to pull one of these jackets off, but with a little time and thought the cutest outfit could be made. Basically they feel like a kitten and look expensive, what's not to love??

Those are all of my fave styles from this winter, hope it gave some inspiration :) Xoxo, Kyla