Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Typical Nostalgia

Tomorrow, is my birthday. I'll be 16 (I know I'm young compared to most bloggers, oh well). And just like I have for the past few years, I am feeling incredibly nostalgic. When I was little-just like most young girls- I wanted to grow up, get my license and move out! Now here I am, almost a legal adult (hah) wondering why I wanted to grow up so badly. All I wanted when I was little was to be a teenager, and to be independent. Now all I want to do is be little again. I wish being a teenager really was as great as I used to think it was, but more than anything I wish I would have enjoyed being a little kid. I was looking through a lot of old pictures and it just seems so crazy that the girl in the photos is me. I picked out a few of my favorites, I always think it's fun to see people's baby pictures..

My mom on the left and aunt on the right... such cute haircuts right?

Xoxo, Kyla

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